Welcome to CyberCorps of Salem

Website Design ServicesCyberCorps is a teen-run Website Design business based in Salem, Massachusetts. All of the teens are students at Salem High School and are skilled, experienced designers, illustrators, and photographers. The quality of the work has been proven with the design of several web sites, including this one.

CyberCorps team members approach each of their projects as a business problem to be solved. Web Development Team of SalemWorking closely with the customer, they determine who the primary audiences forthe web site are and the main business objectives of the web site.

CyberCorps can drive more business through your web site by bringing a fresh look to an existing site or custom designing a new, unique site. A fresh design combined with enhanced functionality will help you reach a wider audience for your business.

Our Services Include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Marketing / E-Newsletters
  • Photography
  • English to Spanish
  • Translations
  • Handicap Designs for the Visually Impaired
  • Training
  • Technical Support

Responsive Web Design 

In today’s day and age of ever growing technology, it can sometimes be really hard to keep up with the ongoing progress. Every single day there is a breakthrough in the field of science and technology and the previously ‘top-of-the-class’ model is rendered akin to primitive. In such times, everyone wants to keep up with the flow of the stream. Nobody would want to be left behind and hence, get lost in this competitive field. Every day becomes a new challenge for people who are in the innovative world of technology and wish to be on par with everything.

Now, let’s take the examples of our screens and websites. With the ease of technology, we have in our hands the ability to log on to the internet from various devices. Be it your laptop, the mobile, a tablet, or even your televisions. The possibilities of connecting to the internet are growing up the day. Now, you would also want the website that you are visiting from your laptop be compatible on your mobile browser as well. You would not want to zoom in or swipe along to read the entire text. That would mean too much trouble.

Solution: Responsive Web Design is a way to incorporate the design in such a manner that it easily adapts to the device, orientation, and screen size in regard to the behavior of the user and their environment. What this means in a simpler analogy would be the ability of a room to reorient itself in response to the number of people in the room.

Concept: In very simple terms, Responsive Web Design needs to have an amalgamation of layouts and grips with a proper use of CSS or HTML so that when a user wishes to make the transition from one device to another, the website that they were one makes the transition as well. The website should have the AI (artificial intelligence) to be able to make an automated response to what the user wants. By doing so, it will remove the possibilities of thousands of designs and interfaces for each individual design and have one ‘universal’ concept of the same.

There are already some ideas that are being used for this like media queries, fluid layouts, and scripts. Using these, web designers can easily reformat web pages and changes accordingly.


  • Websites will be able to make a transition from one design to another
  • There will be an easier way to adjust to varying screen resolutions since each device comes with a different screen resolution and size, color and size difference.
  • Resizing of images. Although it is challenging, the most common way in which images are resized is by using CSS’s max-width ¬concept.

The breakthrough in responsive web design in the world of technology can significantly impact users and hence create a more user-friendly manner in which technology is being used. Day by day, technology is helping in makings our lives easier and more efficient.